Sunday, May 1, 2011

pictures of Joe and family

My dear, dear Leslie.......
As you well know by now Brevity is not my middle name........ I've scanned some pictures of Joe and I wanted to show you some various and assorted times of his life.  Joe was very aloof (as I am) but probably had a better time than most when he finally let his hair down.  He is (was) his mother's child!!  It is important to me that you see him in various and assorted times of his life.......  I will itemize them with a little explanation so you can kind of fit the pieces together.
1.  Joe playing hockey in his junior year of high school ~ 1984 ~ I think I misnamed the file when I saved it.
2.  Joe in 1986 in the USMC
3.  Joe aboard the Iwo Jima (helicopter carrier) Mediterranean Sea - north coast of Africa 1987.  I love this ethereal picture!
4.  Joe and the girls Cristmas 2001
5.  The new family... from left.  Janet's dad (he died of cancer 6 mos. after the crash), Jessica,  Andrew, Cameran, Janet, Joe - father's day '02 - one month before the crash.
6.  Bayli Hanlein - gymnastics 18 months after the crash.  The motor mouth and most flamboyant one of the group.
7.  Laura Ann Hanlein - Joe's first born - Senior pictures... she is her father's child. She is the most modest and has no clue about her inner or outer beauty!
8.  Just before the crash - Joe played in the Memphis Open - he was an avid golfer and started playing when he was around 8 years old.  the summer of his death he was teaching Bayli to play - she was 7 years old
9.  Joe when he was promoted to Lt. and put in charge of the county jail.....
10.  Joe's comments after promoted to Lt.
As you can well imagine I've imagined Joe to be bigger than life since his death.  I think that is a somewhat normal response.  He was a mere mortal.  He was of somewhat average intelligence.  He was so damned good looking.  Even though he was somewhat average.... he always gave more than 100% of himself.  He threw himself wholeheartedly into everything he did.  Sometimes he failed.  Sometimes he won.  It didn't matter to him.  He always gave it his best.  I think that's the thing I'm proudest about.  He didn't care if he won or lost as long as he tried his best!  Beside that... he was a great father.  He loved his children with all his heart (as I loved him).  If he had to have a favorite it would have been Bayli..... she needed him more.  He felt more responsible toward her because of her mother's shortcomings!  Laura's  mother was much more responsible and took her role as a mother much more seriously than Bayli's mom.  So..... Bayli and Joe were much closer  in the parent/child relationship.
Oh hell..... I've got to sign off for now.
Ciao my friends

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