Sunday, May 1, 2011

part 8

God, don't run from the room covering your eyes and ears.......  I told you that you had opened  can of worms!  Just one more thing before I  go to la la land ~  After my last missive I decided to open the box.  The box is the sacred place where all of the sympathy cards and what not have been stored for over 8 years.  Oh my God.... I've been reading the cards.  Most of them I've forgotten or never had it together enough early on to even appreciate or acknowledge them.  It is most amazing and exquisitely beautiful what people wrote.  How in the world could I have "stuffed" all of that??  Anyway..... on top of the pile in the magic box was the memorial tract that was given out at Joe's funeral.  I knew when I chose it that it said all that I believed in without reference to "God".  That was my choice and I was adamant about it! This is it....
Many waters I have sailed
throughout the voyage of life
over waters tranquil
free of pain and strife
Sometimes tossed in raging storms
though never left alone
There was a light that beckoned me
Toward the Shores of home
Always in the distance
this beacon I could see
Giving me direction
As I sailed up life's sea
My journey is completed now
The tide is drifting in
My vessel moves on gentle waves
Eternity begins...

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