Sunday, May 1, 2011

part 1

I am going to begin....... my thoughts will be random at best.  This will not be a strict time line of events but random thoughts that will eventually tie into the final event and the aftermath....
Friday 18 July '02 ~ the phone rings around 6:30 EDT.  It is Joe, my son and only child, now 35 yrs. old and has been married for the 3rd time for only 5 months to a lovely woman by the name of Janet.  Janet has 3 fantastic kids - Jessica (11 yrs.), Andrew (8 yrs.), Cameron (4 yrs.).  The Hanlein family, Joe, Janet, Janet's kids and Joe's two little girls (Laura 10 and Bayli 7) are on their way home to visit me (Joe's Mom) in Maryland.  They live in Bartlett, Tennessee (a suburb of Memphis).  They are driving in a Dodge Grand Caravan and have set out in the early evening with kids in PJs to make the trip overnight.  Joe and Janet are going to share the driving.  It is only a 12 to 14 hour drive and they think between them both with the 5 children asleep that this will be a smooth and pleasant journey.  The children are very excited about the trip and there has been great discussion as to where the 5 children will be seated in the van - much to Joe's dismay~:)  After much ado it is decided that the 2 young boys will be in the middle seat behind Joe and Janet and the three girls will be in the back (3rd row) seat.  They stop at Burger King for dinner around 7:30 and then just before 9 o'clock p.m. they stop to get ice cream for the kids.  The kids are sated with the ice-cream treat and being in their PJ's settle in for the night and the journey to "Gran's" house in Maryland where Aunt DeeDee and Great Grandma "Carolyn" are awaiting them. 
The theme for the week is "Camping at Gran's".  Aunt DeeDee has a trunk full of toys and fun.... Grandma Carolyn, activities coordinator, is prepared for a week of scouting activities which include rock painting and making God's Eyes!!  This is going to be the most fun this family has had in years.  Lots of youngsters, lots of fun and games, lots of crafts and prizes.  We've been planning this for months!!

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