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part 6

Sunday a.m. 21 July '02 Nashville, TN
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Ann Hundertmark

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It's early Sunday  morning...... every time we turn the news on in our hotel room there are stories about the crash.  Last night early news, last night late news, this morning - same horrific news story again and again and again.  Now they are showing pictures of the children.  God!!  It is too much!  I want to put a fucking bullet through the damned television!  We have to be at the funeral home in Jackson at 10 o'clock and I think it's a couple of hours away.  Here we go.  The pathetic trio.  Jim, Joe, Sr. and me.  As we go to the parking lot to get in the rental car I put my address book on the top of the car for a moment while I do something else.  Of course we drive off and later I find that I've lost the address book that has 30 plus years of info in it!  I've also lost my glasses - this will be only the first of 3 pair that I lose in 4 or 5 days!! 
We arrive at the funeral home and Tom is there waiting for us - he's finally made it from Chicago after an all night train trip..  He's sitting in a rental car in the parking lot.  He collapses in my arms sobbing.  Why in the hell am I having to console three men??  Can't they fucking get it together enough to help me?  Little side note:  all of the men who have proclaimed to love me in my life have loved me because of my strength.  In the end that's the very thing they hate about me...... interesting, huh?
Nuff for tonight........
I had a fun day today.  I went to Harrington, DE to play the slots and have the yummy buffet.  I'm getting much better about doing stuff by myself. 

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