Sunday, May 1, 2011

part 11

It's early morning the day of the funeral and we are trying to get organized..........  I have Joe's suitcase in the hotel room.  One of his friends who drove from Easton is going to take some of the stuff back with him.  We had piled the trunks of both rental cars full (ours & Tom's) when we went to his and Janet's home the day we chose the clothes for the funeral.  I remember trying to gather the suitcase together to pass it along to the friend who was going to take it "home" for us.  The zipper was broken and it was full of glass.  Joe's cologne wafted up out of it..... it smelled so much like him!  The fragrance lingered for months and I used to snuggle up close and sniff.  Curve is the name of the cologne.....
For the last two or three days Joe's friends on the sheriff's department back in his hometown in Arkansas (where the children still lived and where the burial was going to be) had been in constant communication with us.  They wanted to help plan the events and we gratefully acquiesced!  The burial was going to be a 5 hour drive from the funeral home and there was only so much we could do alone!
I somehow managed to get dressed in the black skirt and newly purchased black blouse adorned with Joe's Captains bars and his dog tags.  I have to look back and laugh....... I only had brought knee-high stockings and the skirt had slits up the sides that exposed the tops of the stockings.  I probably looked like the Granny from hell~:)  I probably should have stripped the damned stockings off - it was 100 fucking degrees that day!!
I just decided that I can't finish this right now................. sorry.  Too, too much emotion.  I can't crash and burn right now!! 
Ciao my friends ~ Ann

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